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I feel Visa Direct offers very good value for money. My student extension was completed within 1 day. I was expecting a long delay but they called me early evening and made me so happy. I recommend them to all my friends at college and look forward to using there services again in November. Mr A.Hovhanisyan
Detention and Bail


What shall I do if I am detained?

If you have been detained yourself by the UK Immigration Services or know someone who has been detained then you need to seek specialist advice fromus urgently.

You must act quickly because when a person is detained, this usually means that the immigration authorities plan to remove the applicant in the next few days.

What steps can be taken to get a person released ?

An application to the UK Immigration Services for Temporary Admission or Temporary Release is possible, or an application for Chief Immigration Officer (CIO) for bail.

The alternative is to apply for ‘bail’ to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT). This is an application for a person to be released subject to certain conditions. Visa Direct can assist with this entire process.



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