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I was unsure if I qualified for the International Graduate Scheme, however after speaking with a specialist my application was swiftly dealt with and I have my one year work Visa completed the following day. Mr M.Muzammil
Tier 1 Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur category is for those investing in the United Kingdom by setting up or taking over, and being actively involved in the running of one or more businesses in the United Kingdom. If successful the Initial Visa will be valid for 3 years and once that is complete a further 2 year Visa can be applied for. If applying from outside the UK (£200k) then a visa of 3 years and four months will be granted. 

You can apply under the entrepreneur category now if you are:
  • in the United Kingdom under a specified category which is allowed to switch and want to make an initial application as an entrepreneur;
  • already in the United Kingdom as an entrepreneur and want to extend your permission to stay within your existing category;
  • already in the United Kingdom as a business person or innovator and want to extend your permission to stay in the entrepreneur category;
  • applying for permission to enter the United Kingdom (known as 'entry clearance') under the entrepreneur category.
  • Certain applicants must return to their home country to apply for a visa in this category contact Visa Direct today to check your eligibility. 
Under Tier 1 (Entrepreneur), an applicant must score:
  • at least 75 points for attributes; and
  • 10 points for English language ; and
  • 10 points for maintenance (funds available)




  • The applicant has access to not less than £200,000 = 25 Points
  • The Money must be held in a regulated Bank Account = 25 Points
  • The Money must be disposable in the UK= 25 Points



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