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Tier 2 General Skilled Worker

Tier 2 (General) - skilled worker is for skilled workers with a job offer to come in to fill gaps in the United Kingdom labour force. When Tier 2 (General) - skilled worker goes live in November 2008 it will replace the current work permit route.

With our vast amount of experience from within the Home Office you can be assured that our staff will professionally deal with any query or application under the Tier 2 Skilled Worker category. We understand the frustrations and confusions that come with most Countries Working Visa requirements. We will carefully assess your credentuals & inform you promply as to if you are eligible under this Tier.

To be eligible to apply to come to the United Kingdom under Tier 2 - skilled worker you need to have:
  • a job offer;
  • certificate of sponsorship from one of our licensed sponsors; and
  • scored enough points to apply.
Points assessment
You will need to score a pass mark of 70 points from the three sets of criteria. These are:
  • attributes;
  • English language skills; and
  • maintenance.
You must score at least 50 points in this category. You can score points under three criteria . These are:
  • sponsorship;
  • qualifications; and
  • prospective earnings.

Resident labour market test
If your job is not on the shortage occupation list, your job offer will need to pass the resident labour market test. This test ensures that resident workers have had the opportunity to apply for the job before it is filled under Tier 2.

You must score 10 points in this category by showing that you are able to support yourself while you are in the United Kingdom. To score these points you will need to show that you have £800 in savings that you will be able to use while in the United Kingdom. If you intend to bring dependants you will need to show you have a further £600 for each dependant.
English language skills
You must score 10 points in this category by showing that you are able to speak English to a basic standard. This is a mandatory requirement. You will need to show that you are competent in the English language by:
  • passing a test in English equivalent to the appropriate level;
  • coming from a majority English speaking country; or
  • having taken a degree taught in English (verified using national academic recognition information centre data).
Extending your stay
If you are applying to extend your leave to remain you will need to meet the eligibility requirements in place at the time you apply to extend. The extension test will be similar to the initial entry test, which will include the certificate of sponsorship and how many points you score.

However, there will be no need to provide further evidence of maintenance as you will have been working in the United Kingdom and receiving the appropriate pay for that job. You will also score points for English language ability, as this will have been established when you initially applied under Tier 2 - skilled worker.

You must complete a continuous period of five years in the United Kingdom before you can apply for settlement, otherwise known as indefinite leave to remain, and you must meet all the requirements of the immigration rules before you are eligible to apply.

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